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Microsoft adds Windows Eye Control technology from Tobii

On the eve of Microsoft and Tobii announced a joint development for Windows, which allows to implement the technology application control using eye movements.

Technology Eye Control allows you to control the movement of the cursor and the keyboard on the screen using only the eyes. To implement this, we need a special device from Tobii, but in the future a Windows user will be able to use this service and with suitable developments of other manufacturers.

Microsoft is positioning the Eye Control as a function, which will allow to expand the list Windows users and will provide access to the many features people with disabilities.

Representatives of the company said that development began with the request expressed at the hackathon in 2014. Former NFL player Steve Gleason (Steve Gleason), who suffers from a disease of motor neurons, made a speech in which he called for the company to draw attention to the difficulties faced by people who experience progressive muscle atrophy. The muscles that control eye movement, usually, remain unaffected by the disease, which makes the look one of the main and often the only source of communication.

According to the results of previous hackathons have developed a wheelchair that can be controlled with a look that inspired Microsoft to consider in depth the question of interaction between man and computer using eye movements. The first fruits of this work are demonstrated in Windows 10.

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