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Messenger Viber free calls allowed in banned trump country

Mikitani Hiroshi, CEO of Rakuten, which owns Viber, has promised to start a messenger free calls from USA to seven countries that fall under the immigration ban of Donald trump. The corresponding message Mikitani left in his Twitter.

The head of Viber has strongly criticized toughening of migration policy. According to Mikitani, he was “sad to see what is happening in America,” as he moved to the States from Japan at the age of seven years. Viber is going to make free calls to Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen “soon”.

“I am very sad to see what is happening in the United States. I came to United States when I was seven years old, and I really respect the Americans for their big hearts,” he shared with his subscribers Mikitani.

Earlier, trump had signed a series of documents on migration of security that restrict entry into the United States for residents of seven States in the next 90 days. In addition, it was decided to suspend the programme for the accommodation of refugees.

Messenger Viber was launched in December 2010 by the Israelis Telmanom Marco and Igor Magazinnik. January 14, 2014 Japanese company Rakuten announced its intention to acquire Viber for $900 million Transaction was completed in February 2014. As December 2016 in the messenger, there were more than 800 million users.

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