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Memories of the future: what will be the iPhone 8?

After the release of iPhone 7 on sale users and analysts began to speculate what the next flagship Apple — iPhone 8. The insiders, published in several media, gives an idea about the new smartphone the “Apple” brand.

As soon as the iPhone 7 has become available in stores and finally threw off the aura of mystery, consumers began to think, what will be the next model — the iPhone 8. The release of “eight” is expected in 2017. This is attributed to the 10-year anniversary of the advent of smartphones Apple first generation, which went on sale in the US on 29 June 2007.

It is expected that the iPhone 8 will be all glass: 6 September 2016, Apple has registered a patent for a glass case.

“Laser bonding seal can be used for the hermetic connection of the two glass elements together that will create a water resistant electronic device”, — stated in the registered patent.

Despite the fact that earlier sources reported that glass will be used in the creation of the smartphone, some believe that the iPhone 8 will be made of Zirconia ceramics with high impact resistance and resistance to breaking”. In addition, the ceramic body and more evenly distributes heat and accordingly is less heated.

During the presentation the iPhone 7 Tim cook announced a ceramic version of the Apple Watch Series 2, which will cost the same as the iPhone 7 in the maximum configuration (about $1250). Analysts believe that offering users a ceramic Apple Watch 2 the company has gradually teaches fans to the new material.

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In addition, there is information about the new design of the iPhone display 8. It is expected that Apple will abandon traditional buttons, and the screen will occupy the entire front part of the device. The front camera is embedded directly into the display.

The flagship can be charged via wireless technology: iPhone 8 will have to keep on specifically platform. So Apple expects to return the opportunity to listen to music when charging the phone. Recall, this is not possible in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

It is expected that iPhone 8 will use a powerful processor Apple A11 is performed for 10-nm process technology.

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