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meHappy: gifts, which are always welcome

Carrying a lot of positive emotions of the holidays are accompanied by no fewer hassle. Though pleasant, but can seriously nerve wrecking. And especially tedious, it may be this positive, it would seem that the lesson as choosing gifts for loved ones.

That difficult – would be money, you say. But I do not want to “otdelitsa”, and to please the loved one, to gift turned out to be a really useful and memorable. Of course, the easiest way to know in advance what the recipient wants as a gift. But the surprise is no longer possible, and without it even the “right” gift is not so pleasant. Original and useful mobile service that recently appeared in the App Store, just and suitable – to gifts have always been “in the ten”.

In fact, meHappy is a social network platform for the publication of the list of desires of users, so you know what you want friends and family as a gift for the holidays, giving the opportunity to publish their own wishes.

According to the principle of registration and authorization meHappy refers to those services in which the circle is created on the basis of contacts from the phonebook. First steps: register in the application, issue a profile (personal data, date of birth, photo) and invite friends from your address book on your iPhone. Then I create a card – wishes for a gift, which specifies its name, the brand, and if need be, and the price and even the store where the gift is most advantageous can be purchased. Voila – now everyone knows what gift you most happy. A nice bonus: you won’t know who is going to give you a gift from the list until then, until it’s granted, the application saves an indispensable attribute of the holiday – the possibility of surprise.

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It is noteworthy that among those who became known to your innermost wishes, will not be strangers – gifts visible only to “mutual friends”, i.e. those who do you have in a notebook, and at the same time who are in your.

Additional features of the application worth noting is the social option “to Pitch in on the gift”, which will allow even the most expensive dreams to discuss with his friends the gift in the chat that turns it into a kind of situational messenger.

Also in “meHappy” made reminders to those who have reserved a gift for you and could not buy. For those who did not bother for a week before the date of delivery to purchase the gift, the penalty – a gift will be razblokirovka for everyone, and the “violator” will not be able to book it again. And yet, You never forget to congratulate the birthday boy thanks to the reminders about friends ‘ birthdays.

Overall the app is very pleasant to use. Everything is self-explanatory – the modern interface, available free of charge. However, there are in-app purchases, but it’s pretty easy, a dollar for the increase in the number of published gifts – funny money, when compared to the efficiency and benefits that can bring meHappy.

Choose gifts for yourself and give you will be true friends.

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