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MegaFon started to charge for listening to the phrase “no user responding”

MegaFon began to deduct a fee for listening to a message, that the called subscriber is unavailable, before activating voice mail. As reported in the service support operator, the money is debited from the account in that case, if the caller listens to the answerphone message that the called party was unavailable or outside the coverage area.

Subscribers of “Megaphone” began to notice that they are written off from the account of cost of minute of conversation, when, after a few long beeps they hear a message that the called subscriber is unavailable or busy. Employees explained that the fee is charged in that case, if the subscriber is in communication with the answerphone more than three seconds. To pay for have minute.

“Due to the fact that some operators use such billing on its network, we are forced to do the same as you bear the additional costs due to the interconnect. Actually it’s just the adjustment of accounts between the operators”, – said the representative of “MegaFon”.

In the “MegaFon”, apparently referring to the situation with the billing of calls to numbers of MTS and Tele2. In November of last year it became clear that both operators also charge a fee to listen to a message before going to Voicemail. It was noted that many callers to voice mail service is connected without their knowledge.

“What does that mean? This means that if you call a subscriber of MTS or Tele2, which turned off phone (no matter which network), you will still be charged for a minute “conversation” — or rather, listening to the answerphone. Save can free the threshold in three seconds, you should hang up or tariff with per-second billing from the first second (and there is almost none). Especially “nice” to run into such a surprise when you call, for example, from international roaming, or even just long distance”, — commented the analyst of Telecom Daily Ilya Shatilin.

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Then in “the Megaphone” has declared that do not plan to change the scheme of payment of calls. About charging networks “Beeline” on a similar principle have been reported.

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