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“MegaFon” reduces prices at rates up to 60% throughout the Russia

“MegaFon” announced lower prices for the most popular range of tariffs “All inclusive”. The changes will affect all regions of Russia.

Besides lower prices, MegaFon launches additional share for which in the first month of connection to any of the rates “All inclusive” will operate 50% discount on the monthly fee. With declining prices and promotions package tariffs from March will be 60% cheaper. After the promotion savings will amount to 25%.

The price of tariff plans line “All inclusive” (from Tarifa S) operating in your home region, now will be preserved during the travel of subscribers in other regions of the country. Terms and conditions apply to all services included in the package: the incoming and outgoing calls, SMS and Internet traffic, said in a release.

Also when connecting subscribers will be able to watch movies and shows on 50 TV channels within the service Megafont, traffic when the view is not paid.

On the background of General increase of prices for all types of goods, the prices for mobile telephony decline, said the company. “Thus we invest in our new loyal customers and plan to significantly expand the number of users of packet rates”, — said Leonid Savkov, marketing Director of “MegaFon”.

According to him, “All inclusive” is about half of the clients of the mobile operator. Savkov also added that the increasing number of smartphones, customers need not only voice communication but also Internet. Therefore, customers prefer to get all services in one package and under all circumstances.

As noted by the press-Secretary Yulia Dorokhina, “on the background of General increase of prices, we strive to help our customers to save money on mobile services”. “We not only provided a discount up to 60% on our main tariff line “All inclusive” and included the opportunity to watch movies and shows on 50 TV channels within the service Megafont,” Dorokhina said.

Before it became known that the operator “Beeline” has launched a new range of tariff plans “All”, the main feature of which is unlimited mobile Internet, independent of access technology. Now a similar proposal from the operator Yota, which is owned by MegaFon.

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