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“MegaFon” has launched VoLTE in Moscow, but only for a single smartphone

In the Moscow network “the Megaphone” it was possible to make calls through the fourth generation network – VoLTE. However, while the service is available only on one mobile — the Sony Xperia X F5121.

As reports Cnews, the Moscow “MegaFon” launched the voice on the networks of the fourth generation cellular standard LTE. Traditional international name of this VoLTE services, but in “the Megaphone” it was called “HD voice, 4G”.

Previously this service was in the Moscow “MegaFon” in test operation. Now she’s access to all subscribers, regardless of the tariff plan.

However, to use it can the owners of just one mobile — the Sony Xperia F5121 black, but in the company promise that the number of compatible models will be expanded. To make voice calls over the LTE network, the subscriber needs to connect to the appropriate service.

Voice over 4G networks has several advantages, especially if both parties involved in the join, have the support of this function. The voice quality is much above standard, and the speed of connection is relatively small – about 2 seconds.

Also, the VoLTE feature allows the subscriber to interrupt an Internet session on LTE at the time of telephone conversation. Internet access is not interrupted and is connected to the mobile devices (if the smartphone used as a hotspot).

In 2015, Moscow Beeline also launched VoLTE service, but its network is available only on one model of smartphones Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3. In addition, the “Beeline” service only available for subscribers of postpaid (credit) settlement system, at that time, as MegaFon has no such restriction.

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What’s the reason for the delay in VoLTE

Technically, the cellular network of the largest Russian operators — “Beeline”, MTS and “Megaphone” — has long been ready to launch VoLTE, but its practical implementation is hindered by the lack of the regulatory framework. In 2015, “Beeline” has received special permission from the FSB to run this service.

In 2016, the Ministry of communications has implemented a change in the sectoral regulatory framework required to operate VoLTE. However, there remained the unresolved issue with the special services that need to intercept voice traffic for the purposes of carrying out quickly-search actions (SORM).

In the “MegaFon” reported that the operator now has all the necessary permissions to use VoLTE. Although the service operator is only implemented on the same smartphone, in “the Megaphone” say that we are not talking about special and full resolution. New smartphone models will be added, when appropriate support would ensure their producers.

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