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MegaFon has agreed with Apple on the launch of Voicemail on iPhone

Users of MegaFon since the iPhone became available, the answering machine function that allows you to view the list of messages and choose which to listen to and which to remove. The operator has concluded a corresponding agreement with the American giant computer electronics.

“MegaFon” began to test the answering machine on a small group of subscribers, broadcast “news”. Information about the voice message appears in a separate tab of the Phone application.

The received audio can be sent via e-mail, messenger or cloud storage. If the subscriber cannot answer the call, will be able with one touch to redirect the incoming call to the answering machine.

To configure the feature, you need to open the Phone app and go to the tab “call mailbox.”. Here click “Customize” to enter the password of the Voicemail and click “Finish”. After re-entering the password will be able to choose “Private” or “default”. If you select “Private” you can record a new greeting.

IPhone users will see on the screen when and who left messages will be able with one touch to listen, rewind or delete them, you will Also be able to record your own greeting.

In order this feature to function, “MegaFon” took a little modification of the network equipment. Subscribers who do not have iPhone, can use an existing answering machine when you need to call the short number to listen to messages left.

According to the head of communications platform OMMG Sergey Kravtsov, the new service has not become widespread.

“Voice mailboxes — expensive, about 100 rubles a month, he said. Users passed the stage of answering machines and moved on to the messengers. They have the function of sending voice messages, which will be definitely delivered to the addressee”.

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