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MegaFon became the leader in the data transfer speed in LTE network in Moscow

Analytical company Mobile Speed Rating conducted a study of efficiency of mobile operators in Moscow in extremely cold weather conditions. As stated, almost every cell phone provider has experienced difficulties in data transmission.

The measurements were carried out from 6 to 8 January and from 1 to 5 February. The night of 6 January was abnormally cold for the capital. The temperature dropped to minus 30 degrees, which in recent times were recorded 120 years ago. The mobile equipment allows operators to work at a frost up to minus 50 degrees.

According to analysts, all cell phone providers were shortages of power supply of base stations in more than the usual amount. However, all of them were solved in the working order with the help of alternative power sources.

On LTE, despite the problems with data center, became the leader of “MegaFon” (21,5 Mbps), second place at MTS (19,5 Mbps), the third – “Beeline” (16,3 Mbps), and the fourth – the leader in 3G Tele2 (to 15.1 Mbps).

But in the 3G the most hardy turned out to be Tele2. Data operator passed at a speed of 9.4 Mbps. the Second place at MTS (8,7 Mbit/s), the third – MegaFon (7 Mbps), completes the list of “Beeline” (4,2 Mbit/s).

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