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MegaFon announced the rejection of the unlimited Internet because of “complete lack of interest”

Operator MegaFon intends to close to new subscribers of the service “Unlim Internet”. About this company representatives said in an official Twitter account.

The rates or options that allow subscribers to transfer data without limit, through 2016 introduced all the operators. MegaFon explained why now decide to reject such proposals. The fact that unlimited offers are faced with a “total lack of interest” on the part of subscribers and “a small number of new connections.”

On the eve of the MTS reported that think they may raise prices in the mobile market and the rejection of the plans with unlimited mobile Internet. In addition, MTS management allows the possibility to reduce the amount of traffic to the normal packet rates.

MTS opened to connect its first tariff with unlimited mobile Internet called “Smart betlemitas” in may 2016. Tellingly, it is now on these tariffs account for most new connections of the operator.

Russian operators will gradually abandon unlimited tariffs, predicted earlier the head of “Beeline”. The companies have no other choice, he said: 3G networks are already congested and 4G networks are loaded very quickly. The first of them in the end did not Beeline, Yota. In late January, the operator has introduced a new tariff range, where unlimited Internet access was gone.

Currently, operators are considering a new strategy of monetization of the Internet. It may be decided to abandon the cheap roaming and change the volume of transmitted data.

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