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Medvedev: the project “SKOLKOVO” was held

The SKOLKOVO project was held, despite the skepticism, which sounded some time ago. This was stated by Dmitry Medvedev at the ceremony of summing up the competition in the start-up project of the Russian Startup Tour-2015.

Prime Minister of Russia noted that some time ago the project was only at the planning stage, some had high expectations, and some even doubt he was treated. “Today we can firmly say: the SKOLKOVO project took place, he lives. And he lives not only as a set of residents — their already 1100 — which produce interesting products that are patentable, that are trying to commercialize their developments, but he is living and as a research center, training center,” he said.

He congratulated the participants and wished them further success. Medvedev expressed hope that with each year of such graduates in SKOLKOVO will be more, notes TASS.

Before the ceremony, the Prime Minister inspected together with the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and management SKOLKOVO territory Startup Village. The visit began with the opening ceremony, one of the main streets — the streets Nobel. After that Medvedev inspected a tank for liquefied natural gas, which has been developed here. The Prime Minister was told about its unique features, in particular, of large capacity, and also that some Russian companies are already interested in the prospects of the use of this development.

Sobyanin showed Medvedev’s new project the city authorities called innovative operational map of the capital. It is already running. This online portal is a database with addresses, contacts and various information about innovative facilities, including science parks, business incubators, research institutions and centres of services and certification bodies.

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Another major project that has demonstrated to Medvedev, it is the data center of Sberbank of Russia on the territory of SKOLKOVO, which is still in draft. Medvedev said that in terms of its effectiveness, the center should become the best in the country and it is planned that he will serve the whole of Russia.

“Well, get to construction,” approved the draft Medvedev, saying that the talks with the leadership of the savings Bank about its construction in SKOLKOVO.

Then Medvedev visited the stands of some startups. One of them are talking about import substitution technologies use data networks. The representative of the project, which in itself is non-profit and only develops these technologies, asked Medvedev to assist in creating a virtual ground for testing applications in the form of separate radio frequencies. The Prime Minister has supported it.

The Prime Minister also visited the stands, where the development of batteries and three-dimensional bioprinter. The Prime Minister was presented a few gadgets, including “endless flash drive — data storage device that uses “cloud” technology.

In “SKOLKOVO” will build business centre “Gallery”, which will be an interchange railway junction. Medvedev visited the construction site of residential quarters and visited just built in SKOLKOVO apartment. The Prime Minister appreciated the modernity of layouts, large area and large amount of light in the new apartments.

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