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Media: Turkish investigators requested the assistance of the Apple for the iPhone and Mac the killers of Ambassador Charles

Investigators of the General Prosecutor’s office of Ankara has requested help Apple access to iPhone and Mac murderers of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey Andrey Karlov, reports TASS. As part of the investigation you need to recover e-mails of the criminal.

10 days before the attack on the Ambassador mevlüt MERT Altıntaş began to prepare for the murder, collecting information about Karlovo on the Internet. The investigators recorded all available on his computer and phone search queries on the topic. Altıntaş used Google’s mail service and before the assassination erased from your e-mail box a few letters and closed their accounts in Twitter and Facebook.

Investigators were able to hack into the phone of Altıntaş and find the email in the header which says “You must do it according to the will of Allah.” Also experts have studied the information on the SMS and Facetime calls, which the murderer committed from 15 to 29 November 2016. Since both the smartphone and the computer criminal are Apple products, the Prosecutor’s office officially applied to the Istanbul representative office of “Apple” Corporation for assistance in unlocking devices.

Meanwhile, to recreate a complete picture of the contacts of Altıntaş investigators need to get deleted data from email, and open access to social networks used by the killer. For this purpose, on 22 February, the Turkish representatives held a meeting with the attaché of the Embassy of the USA on legal issues, FBI Michael Hickok, who promised to assist.

On Monday, media reported the arrest in Ankara 33-year-old Catherine B., which is on 21-23 November of last year contacted by phone Altıntaş, also called the Russian cultural center in Ankara. On questioning, she admitted that was associated with the killer of the Ambassador is mainly through exchange of correspondence by messengers, but did not meet him personally. This woman allegedly did in Ankara pimping. The Russian Embassy has not yet received official information from the Turkish law enforcement authorities about the arrest of the Russians.

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