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Media: the Russian authorities plan to slow down access to sites.

A number of foreign Internet companies ignore the decisions of the Russian courts and state authorities, citing the fact that they work according to the laws of the countries in which registered. According to “Vedomosti”, officials figured out how to solve this problem. The legislation want to make amendments, allowing the court decision to slow down access to the sites to offenders of the Russian legislation. And to spread this rule will not just for foreigners.

The details of the bill and possible limits are unknown. Several sources claim that the idea came while discussing the case of the FAS against Google (the Corporation was found to have violated antitrust rules after a complaint from Yandex, but for a long time have not performed it issued the injunction), another source says that the document is not associated directly with this case.

“There are a number of foreign Internet companies, earning money in Russia, but do not implement our laws. It is a kind of civilized form of coercion to dialogue,” – said the source.

Familiar with the staff of the presidential administration people said that in the period before elections of the head of state, the government does not want to close access to major websites (eg, as in the case of blocking of LinkedIn in 2016), so was chosen as it reduced speed.

The document has not been finalized, the amendments now being discussed in the presidential administration, say the sources. According to them, the bill may be introduced in the state Duma in the spring of 2017. Then he has to go through three readings among members, and to obtain the approval of the senators and the signature of the President.

The sources of differences in estimates of the bill — close to the FAS people said that the probability of introduction of such regulation “very high.” Associated with a presidential administration source said that the idea is difficult to implement and the document is unlikely to be adopted in its current form.

Top-Manager of “Yandex” heard about this initiative and says that her company has nothing to do. He told the newspaper that the company is working on amendments that would require manufacturers of mobile devices and operating systems when you first start to give the user a “window of choice” services (e.g., search, browser, maps, etc.). A member of an unnamed major operator suggested that documents about the “window of choice” and rate-limiting, access-violators will go to the state Duma within the package of amendments.

An unnamed top Manager of a large Internet holding company has added that the speed limit access to individual sites will require investment in the installation of a uniform system of traffic filtering. Mobile operators already have such systems, however, in the case of “Rostelecom” expenses can add up to “hundreds of millions of dollars,” he said.

The representatives of FAS, the Ministry of communications, Roskomnadzor, “Beeline”, “MegaFon”, MTS, “Rostelecom”, Mail.Ru Group, “Yandex” and Google did not comment on this initiative.

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