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Media: the release of iOS 10.3 beta with the dark mode of the interface is scheduled for January 10

Apple plans to release iOS 10.3 beta 1 with the new regime “Cinema” on January 10. Wrote about this in his Twitter account well-known insider Sonny Dickson. The blogger is known that in the past the first and before the of ficial announcement was published the back of your iPad Air. This time, however, it is not components, but only information.

Start of open testing iOS 10.3 is scheduled for Tuesday, January 10. All details of the release is unknown, but sources said the regime of “Cinema”. It is assumed that we are talking about the new black UI mode, which has long asked users of iPhone and iPad. According to Dixon, in control center of iOS will have an additional icon in the form of popcorn, which will allow you to activate this feature.

In the dark mode interface for iOS makes sense. It not only reduces the negative impact on the eyes in the evening but is also perfectly suitable for OLED displays because of low power. The latter, according to available information, will be implemented in the iPhone in 2017.

Previously, developers were able to activate dark mode in an informal manner. Examining the possibility of the first test Assembly in iOS a 10, they found the ability to turn on Dark Mode for some applications the OS inside the emulator. In the dark the interface uses a unified color scheme for all programs and which will probably become available in iOS 10.3.

Given that Apple often releases pre-release versions of updates for operators and company employees, information about the next update could leak to the media. The code name for iOS 10.3 – “Erie”.

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