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Media: the iPhone 7 will be equipped with Lightning-headphones without noise cancellation technology

Starting with the first model, released in 2007, iPhone and other modern smartphones, equipped with 3.5 mm audio Jack for wired headsets. However, the generation of the iPhone 6s should be the last with this type of headphones. The next iPhone, which presumably will debut in autumn 2016, will be only one universal Lightning connector.

Interface connector Lightning, now used for charging and syncing Apple mobile devices, will be used to connect headphones. Complete with new flagship will be supplied branded headphones EarPods with Lightning connector for an extra cost the company will offer wireless headphones connected via Bluetooth.

Rumors attributed the new Apple headphones built-in microphone with active noise cancellation so that users can comfortably answer phone calls and interact with voice assistant Siri. However according to Businessinsider sources, advanced system of noise reduction may appear only in the next generation smartphones iPhone 7s, because Apple is not profitable from a financial point of view to include technology Cirrus in the composition of the iPhone 7.

“We believe there is a possibility that Apple will include technology in active noise cancelling headphones for future smartphones, but according to our information, this year the company will be limited to the conventional models. The lack of a 3.5 mm of audio Jack in the iPhone 7 provides for the inclusion in the device of the new digital headphones. However, in the case of the next generation of smartphone company is ready to invest additional funds in active noise control”, – specifies the edition.

Rumored, along with iPhone 7 this fall, Apple is expected to introduce completely new Bluetooth headphones that will be offered as a premium alternative to regular headphones EarPods. They will be truly wireless and deprived of even the cable that connects the left and right earphones. Sources say new Apple headphones are similar to the Motorola Hint headset and a new version of Bragi Dash headphones.

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According to rumors, iPhone 7 will debut in the fall of 2016. It is known that Apple is not yet completely decided on the design of the new flagship and chooses between the three prototypes, including brand new ultra-slim.

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