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Media: the iPhone 7 will be a touch Home button and waterproof design

Analysts claim that Apple will change in recent years the tradition of alternating the release of the significantly updated numbered iPhone models and is slightly improved versions that get the letter “s” to the name. This fall it is expected the iPhone 7 and next year, according to the sources, we are not waiting for the iPhone 7s, iPhone 8 with global changes in design, as well as various innovations, like the OLED display and wireless charging. However, such a move does not mean that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have a number of unique innovations.

According to the Chinese resource Storm, the new iPhone 7 will be no physical Home button, which is connected with the desire of Apple to make the smartphone even thinner and more ergonomic. On Apple phones traditionally used a button to return to the main screen, the power button and shutdown the device, two volume and a lever to turn the phone to silent mode. In the new generation of iPhone mechanical the Home button will replace the analog touch. This is because Apple wants to return to a more convenient form factor that allows you to work with the smartphone with one hand.

The Home key will work on the basis of technology Force Touch, which is implemented in the latest generation of MacBook. In the Apple particularly proud of the fact that the design of the trackpad provides a uniform feeling of a click at any point due to the sensors determining the effect of depression. In a similar fashion will operate a virtual button the iPhone 7. The fingerprint sensor will reside under the display, so Apple may abandon physical Home button.

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It is also noted that Apple will provide additional waterproofing iPhone 7, getting rid of the 3.5 mm audiojack in the device. Eliminating an extra connector, Apple will save yourself from unnecessary problems related to resistance. As revealed earlier, the company has already made the first steps to protect the iPhone from moisture. Experiments have shown that accidental hit of iPhone 6s in water does not lead to device failure. The company’s engineers have added design elements that increase the resistance to water.

Apple is considering to add to the lineup of the iPhone 7 model in the new colors. The device will be darker than the current iPhone Space Gray in color and closer to the version in the slate iPhone 5.

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