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Media: the first OLED displays will appear in the 5.5-inch iPhone models

It is no secret that Apple has decided to move the iPhone from LCD displays to OLED. According to the newspaper Bloomberg, the South Korean company Samsung will be the exclusive supplier of panels of this type for the company from Cupertino. Thus, the years of animosity between Apple and Samsung will soon be left behind. However, in the initial stage, the supplier will not be able to provide OLED displays for iPhone and all limited to only one model.

Apple plans to implement OLED displays in their devices, shared research firm UBI Research. According to her, the iPhone with displays, made of new for corporations technology, will debut in 2018. The share of smartphones with OLED displays from all the released models will be around 30% or 100 million units in quantitative terms. By 2020, the share of manufactured iPhone with OLED displays will rise to 80%.

Panels of this type eliminate the need for backlighting used in LCD displays. This will allow Apple to make thinner frame around the display iPhone. In addition, OLED screens are different from LCD more clear picture and more vibrant colors. Besides the cost of their production this year was lower than the production of LCD panels.

Experts UBI Research indicate that, initially, the OLED screens will get exclusively a 5.5-inch modification iPhone. Confirms this view and the recent report of Samsung on the production of a large batch of display panels. In it, in particular, the figure of 5.5-inch screens.

Thus, Apple is increasingly distancing its iPhone models. The iPhone 6/6s differences between small and large modifications are made only in the presence of optical stabilization, in the case of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus it would be a double camera, 3 GB of RAM and connector Smart Connector, and the iPhone 8 to this list will be added and OLED displays.

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First it was claimed that Apple will begin to use OLED technology in 2017. UBI Research analysts however insist that the first iPhone with an OLED screen will be presented only in 2018.

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