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Media: the FBI has received new data from jailbroken iPhone terrorist

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) as a result of hacking the iPhone, which belonged to terrorists from San Bernardino (California), was previously unknown to investigators information. This was reported by broadcaster CNN.

According to sources, the hacking was carried out by a private company. What specific information was obtained are not reported.

The U.S. Department of justice and Apple have long argued about whether the iPhone maker to give the FBI access to the devices. The Agency demanded the company to remove the restrictions on password guessing (after a few failed password attempts the phone will be locked forever), so a brute force hack iPhone said Farooq.

The court in new York ruled that the U.S. justice Department could not force Apple to unlock your smartphone. According to the court, the authorities have not provided sufficient grounds to force Apple to help the government against their will.

In response to another complaint of the Ministry of justice, filed March 10 in Federal district court for the Central district of California, Apple demanded the handover of the private key and source code iOS.

Ultimately the justice Department withdrew filed in a California court a lawsuit against Apple, as the FBI hacked the gadget by a “third party” and “don’t need” help Apple.

Last week CBS with reference to an informed source said that the investigation is ongoing, but so far “nothing that would be of real value, not found”. These data coincide with the statement made by the chief of police of San Bernardino in February when it suggested that no useful data in the smartphone.

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However, the defence statement said the FBI stating that the Agency did not initially claimed that Farouk said the iPhone 5c will certainly be important secrets of the terrorists.

FBI Director James Comey is confident that the measures taken by the Agency is correct, since it is necessary to conduct a thorough professional investigation, to collect the maximum amount of information and no possible leads in the case cannot be ignored.

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