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Media: the conflict between the developers of Siri and iCloud complicates the move to Apple’s own cloud infrastructure

Apple may delay the transition to private cloud infrastructure for internal warfare teams, leading the development of iCloud and Siri. According to sources, the feud between the two teams is holding back the company from correcting the technical problems plaguing its services.

Inside Apple rivalry has already led to staffing problems. Because of the continuing disputes, Apple has left at least one key engineer Steve D Aurora, specifies the edition.

“The result is the probability that the head D Aurora, Darren Haas, head of cloud services development will also be gone. D Aurora, like Haas, joined Apple in 2010 with the absorption of Siri, the voice assistant on the iPhone,” notes The Information.

Apple has been preparing to move out to the cloud. In March it became known that the company started to store some data in Google cloud storage. Rent servers, the search giant will allow Apple to prepare for the transition to our own infrastructure. Within the company the project of migration known as the “McQueen” (after the American actor Terrence Steven McQueen).

Moreover, by choosing Google, Apple wants to reduce dependence on third party providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. According to some reports, Apple is spending for the rental of facilities in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) $400-600 million.

The collaboration of Apple and Google can be very short-lived. Most likely, it will last only 2-3 years, while California giant enters to the operation of its own data centers in Arizona (USA), Denmark and Ireland, the first of which will open later this year. Costs the manufacturer iPhone and iPad on the construction of data centers is almost $4 billion.

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