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Media: the Apple Watch 2 with GPS support, barometer and improved water resistance will come in the second half of the year

As you know, the Apple Watch are the most popular “smart” watch. Therefore, the manufacturer plans to release new models, two of which reportedly will be available by the end of the year.

While talking about the next iPhone, the announcement of which will be held in early September, almost all known future smart watch of Apple is a mystery. According to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the two new Apple Watch models 2 is not significantly different from the original in appearance but will have a much better filling.

The novelty will receive a GPS and a barometer, the display will be thinner and the processor are replaced by new ones manufactured by TSMC on 16-nanometer process technology, said the source. The battery of Apple Watch will become larger, which will increase the battery life, but it will not make the device thinner than the current model. Improved waterproof properties of the gadget.

The second model of the new Apple Watch will be almost an exact copy of the original model without the new features, but with some updated components. Probably, it will be significantly cheaper than the original.

In 2017 will be released another model of the Apple watch, which will have support for LTE, says Kuo. However, it will look in the old, and a complete redesign of an electronic bracelet Apple has planned for 2018.

With the new models, the total volume of deliveries of smart hours Apple this year is projected at 10-11 million.

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