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Media: Samsung supplies Apple test samples of OLED displays for iPhone

Samsung has shipped a test batch of Apple OLED displays for the iPhone, reports South Korean resource ET News. At the moment California giant uses in its smartphones and tablets LCD screens.

Apple uses OLED only smart watch Apple Watch and the only supplier of such panels is LG Display. But the company from Cupertino is said to have agreed with Samsung to diversify their sources of supply. Moreover, Apple is already receiving samples of OLED displays, which can be used in future iPhone models.

Long time Samsung uses panels of this type into their smartphones. While Apple uses in mobile devices exclusively for the liquid crystal panel. CEO Tim cook previously called OLED displays “awful.” According to him, such screens have unnatural colors, so when buying goods via the Internet, it can play with the user a cruel joke.

The advantages of OLED include wide viewing angles, a very small thickness and low power consumption. Such panels have modes that are available only in them and make them most suitable for mobile devices. In addition, OLED panels can be produced on flexible polymer substrates, which allows to give the screen a curved shape and make a display that is fundamentally not broken.

Information about what Apple may move to OLED displays, appeared in may of this year. According to some reports, the company will make a decision about using technology in their smartphones next month. It may affect the further action of Samsung, to promote the production of curved OLED panels. In February it became known that Samsung plans to invest 3.6 billion dollars in expanding production of OLED panels.

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