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Media reported about the readiness of Roskomnadzor to block Wikipedia

Roskomnadzor is going to block the online encyclopedia “Wikipedia” because of the refusal of the management of the resource to delete an article about cooking narcotic substances. About it reports on Monday, the newspaper “Izvestia”.

According to the publication, the decision to lock in Roskomnadzor has already been made, but the Agency still wants to resolve the conflict with the Russian office of resource without drastic measures.

If the administration of the resource does not remove the article, “Cars”, Roskomnadzor it will block, said a source in the government. “Roskomnadzor understands the importance of “Wikipedia” for society. It is possible to consider Agency actions by weakness or abuse of power, but now all are waiting for that the online encyclopedia will fulfill the decision of the court. And it turns out that today they are “academically” write about drugs, tomorrow “academically” about the forms of suicide, and the day after tomorrow will publish all prohibited content, but “academic” sources”, — said the interlocutor of the edition.

The article that requires to remove Roskomnadzor, called “Charas”. The Agency, citing the decision Chernoyarsky district court of the Astrakhan region, adopted in June of this year, demanded it be removed, as it contains information about the methods of preparation drugs.

However, Wikipedia to delete the article refused. August 22, the company changed the address of the article “Cars”, to avoid blocking. Now the source address is the article itself is not about the drug, and the list of meanings of the word “Cares”.

According to the Executive Director of the nonprofit partnership “Wikimedia RU” (he supports Wikipedia in Russia) Stanislav Kozlovsky, “the decision to delete the article adopted by the participants of Wikipedia. He also stressed that the information contained in the article, currently taken from scientific sources and is a fairly “academic text”.

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According to “Izvestia” with reference to data of statistics “Wikipedia on August 20, for the last three months article “Cars” visited 32 531. With about 30 thousand of these visits were to the 20th of August (this day Roskomnadzor has published a post about possible blocking of Wikipedia on his official page in Facebook). The day before the attendance of the article has not exceeded 500 people, and in all previous 88 days was completely symbolic and ranged units or tens of hits a day.

In the case of blocking of one page will be unavailable the entire resource as Wikipedia works on the basis of the HTTPS Protocol that does not allow access restrictions to individual pages.

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