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Media: pre-orders for Galaxy S7 disappoint retailers even in their home market for Samsung

The new flagship of Samsung was quite a promising device. However, the device, apparently, have not attracted the interest of consumers. According to the publication Business Korea, even in her home market South Korean manufacturer faced with a small number of pre-orders.

If you compare the figures with last year’s Galaxy S6, the number of pre-orders among the three South Korean operators dropped sharply. And this despite the fact that pre-order users have pledged headset Gear VR, which is obtained from the smartphone virtual reality helmet.

Analysts believe that the decline in applications for Galaxy S7 due to several reasons. The South Koreans are now acting otherwise. They don’t want to do pre-purchase, as they want to wait to see feedback from other owners of the flagship. Also they want to know, what kind of subsidies will give the operators, at the same time acquainted with offer when you buy Samsung Galaxy S7 tariffs. It is possible that such acquisitions will be more favorable. As for Gear VR, an accessory that many people simply uninteresting.

Affect the number of pre-orders could and the competitors. This time almost simultaneously on the market there are several flagship models. Consumers can’t decide which smartphone to make your choice. It is no less unique unit is the flagship of LG G5 with a modular structure.

Meanwhile, the head of mobile business Samsung To Dongen claims that the volume of pre-orders for the Galaxy S7 appeared above expectations of the manufacturer. However, he didn’t say anything about the real volume of pre-orders for the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, limiting itself to saying that these smartphones will help strengthen the company’s position in the Chinese market.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will be on sale tomorrow, March 11, and will be available to residents in 60 countries.

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