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Media: iPhone 8 will be able to recognize faces with a laser

iPhone 8 to a built-in sensor that allows your smartphone to recognize faces and gestures of the users. This publication reports Business Insider, citing informed sources.

The resource lists several possible features of the smartphone that will receive the next generation of Apple’s smartphone. It is alleged that one of the features of the iPhone 8 will be the opportunity to shape recognition of faces and hand gestures using laser and infrared sensors installed near the front of the smartphone camera.

Although earlier information about it, these data seem quite plausible. In 2013, Apple bought the company PrimeSense, which specialises in creating 3D scanners. It is assumed that the development of this startup will help the “Apple” giant to implement the technology of augmented reality to a new generation of smartphones.

Last year, Apple CEO Tim cook said the interest in augmented reality. Sources reported that the technology will be integrated into the iPhone’s camera and facial recognition could become the first from the list of added features.

On representative data, in September this year will release three versions of Apple’s smartphone — new 5.8-inch iPhone 8 and an updated 4.7-inch and 5.5 iPhone 7s-iPhone 7s Plus duilovo. While the 5.8-inch device will feature an OLED display that uses less power and has a deeper black color.

The publication confirmed that the iPhone will receive a curved screen with a built-in fingerprint scanner Touch ID and wireless charging.

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