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Media: in the summer Apple will introduce augmented reality glasses created in collaboration with Carl Zeiss

Apple is developing their own equivalent of “smart” points Google Glass. A new device is created together with the company Carl Zeiss, and will include augmented reality technology. According to sources familiar with the development of our products, Apple is planning to introduce smart glasses this summer.

In the autumn of last year reported that Apple has started testing augmented reality glasses that will be able to connect to the iPhone and iPad.

In the new issue of This Week in Tech, Robert Scoble spoke on the topic of what Apple is working on this project together with the company Carl Zeiss. He argues that the cupertinos will release smart glasses this year. Scoble got this information from a trusted source from the leadership of Apple.

According to anonymous sources, Apple’s new smart glasses from the company will connect wirelessly to iPhone, and can display various images and other information. The device will also be implemented, some functionality of augmented reality.

According to analysts, the information about augmented reality adds to the veracity of the information “smart” glasses from Apple, as CEO Tim cook during the communication with investors was mentioned that Apple has invested a lot of time and money in augmented reality technology, and plans to develop their achievements further.

The announcement of the device can be held this summer. Scoble suggests that the device can provide simultaneously with the delivery of new headquarters in the form of a ring.

Apple representatives have not yet given any official comments about this information. Last year, reportedly approached a number of third-party suppliers for the acquisition of party displays, designed for use in glasses with smart features. The party was meant for internal testing.

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