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Media: in March, Apple will introduce the Apple 2 Pencil with magnetic holder for iPad

Stylus Apple Pencil was created specifically for the iPad Pro and is still only compatible with 9.7 – and 12.9-inch versions of these devices. In March of this year with a new model of the iPad Pro is expected to announce a digital pen of the second generation.

Information about Apple Pencil 2 shared on the website Weibo blogger under the name Letem svetem Applem. The device reportedly will get a new magnetic mounting system, compatible with the iPad. If the tablet is not used, the cover, the user can attach the pencil to the side of the tablet.

Pen second generation will receive a special clip that will allow you to clip it on the pocket of a jacket or shirt. The accessory will not allow the device to slide from the surface of the table.

Recall that last fall, Apple CEO Tim cook hinted at Apple support the Pencil in the iPhone. “I think Steve would like it very much, he said. – If you’ve ever seen that you can create with a stylus on your iPad or iPhone, you would understand how much he’s great”.

Thus cook pointed to the possibility of working with Pencil on the Apple iPhone. To support pen new phones should be equipped with displays with low-latency and the ability to read the position of the pen 240 times per second.

Smartphone have to exactly recognize the moments when to control using Apple Pencil or the tip of your finger. These technologies are not implemented in the iPhone 7 or iPad Air 2.

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