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Media has unveiled the design and features of the smartphone Microsoft Lumia 650 XL

If you believe the network sources, in a short time Microsoft will officially unveil the smartphone Lumia 650, which will be the last of the Lumia that was released in 2016. And shortly before the official announcement, the Network appeared photos and specifications of new items.

Like the iPhone the Lumia 650 smartphone should debut in two versions. Sources demonstrated “live” photos more advanced versions of this system, which supposedly will be called Lumia 650 XL.

If you believe this leak, all appear earlier information about canceled Lumia 850 actually belonged to Lumia 650 XL. The latter will receive a 5.4-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels compared to the 5 inch display Lumia 650. Moreover, the size of the device will not be the only difference between Lumia 650 XL from the younger model. On the “live” photos smartphone you can see the front-facing camera with led flash.

The device running Windows 10 Mobile and same as Lumia 650, based on the chipset Snapdragon Snapdragon 210 or 212.

According to sources, the cost of Lumia 650 in Central Europe will be around 220 euros. Its sales in France will deal with mobile operator Orange. Previously, it was expected that the communicators will be submitted during the first week of February, but then came the information that the announcement delayed until mid of this month.

The presentation of the Lumia and Lumia 650 650 XL is expected in the same day.

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