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Media has unveiled an innovative wireless headset for Sony Smart Ear

Sony plans to present at the upcoming exhibition MWC 2016 innovative wireless Smart Ear headphones. It will be a Bluetooth headset, but significantly different from the present solutions on the market.

Sony Smart Ear will be characterized by several features. First-the size. It will be one of the smallest devices in its class. Secondly, creating earphone, Sony will offer a stylish futuristic design. In addition, the company is offering the technology for voice control. According to the blogger Evan Blass, posted a picture of a device, the purpose of this accessory is a full “communion” with the smartphone through voice commands.

Smart Ear will not just make calls, without the need of taking the smartphone itself, but also to control them through voice commands. So, by using gadget you can receive and make calls, post on social networks, check the weather, dictate a short message to check my itinerary.

According to an insider, Smart Ear no buttons: only capacitive touchpad that responds to touch, and sensor. When the gadget is inserted into the ear, he independently turns on and connects with your smartphone. Shutdown will also occur automatically. About battery life headset information yet.

In January it was reported that Apple is working on its own wireless headset for the iPhone. Judging by the description, it will be somewhat similar in their design with Smart Ear. The device will allow you to communicate with voice assistant Siri, not touching the iPhone itself, although it is unclear whether the headset constantly listening to the owner. The new device, expected to be called AirPods, as Apple has recently registered such trademark.

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