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Media: Apple Watch third generation will be released in the fall of 2017

In the Network appeared the first information about the possible timing of the announcement of Apple Watch third generation. The company Quanta Computer, one of Apple’s main suppliers, said that we should be ready for the debut of the Apple Watch Series 3 in the third quarter — a year after the appearance of the second generation Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is the first generation went on sale in April 2015. At first the supply was limited, while Apple then quickly increased production volumes and expanded the network of distributors. Apple Watch Series 2 debuted last fall.

Details about the period of the possible launch of an electronic gadget shared by a source close to the company Quanta. As the newspaper writes DigiTimes, the company expects significant growth in the supply of Apple Watch in the third quarter in connection with the updating of hardware and software in June.

The current model of the Apple Watch Series 3 will differ, first and foremost, improved display, improved performance and increased operation time, the sources said. The design of a new modification of “smart” timepiece will be the same as its predecessor. According to the insider, the experts Quanta are now working primarily on increasing the autonomy of the wearable device. The manufacturer has not commented on the order is received to release new models of the Apple Watch.

Referring to the estimates of analytical companies, the sources said that last year it sold 7.5 million of the Apple Watch, which is less than 10-12 million units contained in the projections.

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