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Media: Apple Watch 2 will be released in June and will be 20-40% thinner than the original model

The second generation Apple Watch will be presented in June at WWDC 2016, according to CNET citing a leading Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian white. According to his information, a “smart” watch will be released earlier than suggested by observers.

“We left with the feeling that the update Apple Watch will take place in September with the release of the iPhone 7, and in the next 2-3 months, says white, and at the moment visiting suppliers in China. – We believe that it will happen at WWDC. According to our sources, Apple Watch will be 20-40% thinner than the current generation devices”.

Apple does not name the number of sold Apple Watch first generation, so to judge the popularity of new products can only by circumstantial evidence. Analysts say the numbers from 11 to 13 million sold copies and indicate a high level of satisfaction of our clients. However, the number of Apple Watch sold is much less than the number of compatible smartphones in the hands of users.

According to rumors, the updated chronometer will become less dependent on the iPhone, which can increase the popularity of the device. This will be possible thanks to the integration of the new chip, Wi-Fi. Now in Apple Watch no GPS-module, so location data is received from a smartphone. Because of this, it is necessary either to carry the iPhone, or to abandon attempts to fix the route of the run. In addition, with the GPS in the Apple Watch 2 will be built-in blood pressure monitor and tracking sleep quality.

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Another improvement to the Apple Watch 2 will cover the capabilities of the device out of the box. Apple has hired many experts from the field of health, therefore, is ready to offer new ways to manage health.

The latest rumors point to the emergence in the new watch camera. All Apple gadgets equipped with such a technology, so its debut in the Apple Watch 2 is quite predictable. A FaceTime App in the Watch will be mounted in the top of the frame of the device and will allow to make video calls.

In January of this year, informants were shown photos of unknown smart watches that are in style are very reminiscent of “Apple” gadget and may well be the second generation Apple Watch. The key difference from the first generation – round display. The sources did not provide conclusive evidence of the authenticity of the picture, so the novelty may well be a clone of smart watches from Chinese manufacturers.

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