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Media: Apple may have problems with the supply of iPhone and Mac in Russia because of U.S. sanctions against FSB

US sanctions against the Federal security service of Russia (FSB) could affect the import of iPhone and iPad. It will affect any devices with encryption because the FSB is responsible for the permission to import technology. Among such devices, not only smartphones and tablets, but even wireless mice.

US sanctions against the Federal security service of Russia (FSB) introduced by former President Barack Obama at the end of 2016, can result in unforeseen consequences for American companies and Russian consumers, according to RBC. Imports of any devices with the function of encryption is subject to mandatory consultation with the FSB, but American suppliers are now prohibited from any commercial interaction with the Russian special services.

About the risk of administrative contacts with the FSB warned, for example, lawyers Baker and McKenzie wrote a blog for Thomson Reuters expert services Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting Mary breed.

“As the FSB performs certain administrative functions such as review and approval of commercial encryption products for import and distribution in Russia, the effect for certain us companies and individuals doing business in Russia can be substantial,” write the lawyers, Baker McKenzie, adding that technology companies is now the United States may need to seek permission from OFAC to submit the relevant documents to the FSB.

Receiving notifications for import to Russia (Customs Union) of the American technology products — a common practice. In the registry of notification of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) was the appropriate permits for products like iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook, the Android operating system from Google, laptops and firewalls Dell, HP servers, Cisco and Intel, anti-virus software from Symantec, GoPro video cameras, operating system: Linux 7 from Oracle America, computer tomographs of General Electric, medical equipment Medtronic and others.

New sanctions against Russia 44th US President Barack Obama imposed in December before leaving his post. In his latest press conference, he said that restrictive measures against Russia were imposed because of “infringement of the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine.” While Barack Obama noted the importance of constructive relations with Russia.

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