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Media: Apple may delay the start of sales of the iPhone 8 indefinitely

Rumors that Apple may delay iPhone shipments 8 has received a new confirmation. According to MarketWatch, the company has faced technical problems at the production stage of a smartphone.

Apple may postpone the delivery of the next-generation iPhone due to issues related to the development of a fingerprint scanner, which must be equipped with new smartphones, according to the sources.

All Apple fans look forward to when the company will announce the timing of sales of the iPhone 8. But experts say that the Corporation decided to transfer the beginning of deliveries of anniversary smartphone for an indefinite period, which could adversely affect the financial performance of Apple in the fourth quarter.

The publication indicates that Apple is planning to introduce a fingerprint scanner in the glass, but the engineers had problems. It is reported that biometric module works poorly through the glass.

It was expected that iPhone shipments will begin in September, however, according to analysts Goldman Sachs, the timing can be shifted for October.

Earlier Bloomberg, citing sources reported that Apple is working on a 3D facial scan, which will allow you to unlock your smartphone without using the fingerprint scanner.

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