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Media: Apple manipulates App Store rankings to favor its application

Apple manipulates the rating of corporate applications, they should come out of the top 10 programs on the App store. About it writes analytical Agency Sensor Tower, studied the ratings of applications in various devices of the company.

Apple raises the top line of the top free software of your own design. And on different devices it is a completely different application.

“For iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro is the only program in Apple’s top 20 free – iTunes U, which is consistent in the desktop version of the App Store,” notes MacRumors. At the same time on the iPad mini 2 and iPhone 5s iMovie, Keynote, Pages and Numbers was in the top-10 free.

In particular, the iPhone 5s iMovie app is on the third place, to seventh Pages, and iTunes U on the eleventh. If you open the same rating App Store on the iPhone 6s, Apple text editor is moved to the sixth place, and iTunes U on the thirteenth.

Maybe it’s a glitch in the App Store or is it a peculiarity of on-line store: each device is their rating software. On the other hand, this affects third party developers, whose applications might be among the most popular, but were pushed back by Apple.

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