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Media: Apple has scheduled a presentation of the Apple Watch and 2 iPhone 6c for March 2016

Apple plans to introduce in March next year the second generation of smart hours Apple Watch and a 4-inch iPhone 6c, claims 9to5Mac editor mark Gurman, often providing accurate information about future products of the company. According to “a reliable source from Cupertino”, sales of wearable devices will begin in April – a year after the debut of the original model.

The launch of Apple Watch took place only six months after the announcement. In September, the manufacturer introduced a new generation of “smart” hours and didn’t say anything about whether or not to expect in the near future. But this is logical because it is unlikely that Apple will announce a watch for six months before the start of sales.

Therefore, if to expect a new model in the spring of the coming year. But will the Apple Watch actually 2 in the foreseeable future? According to Gourmet, smart watch second generation was in development long before the official presentation of the original model, and the official presentation of the product is scheduled for the first month of spring. On the technical side, nothing is said. According to unconfirmed information, the new generation Apple Watch will have a built-in camera function analysis of sleep and significant autonomy from the point of view of duration of work, and in terms of binding the gadget to the iPhone.

As for the iPhone 6c, the smartphone is expected to release with Apple Watch 2. New in metal case will resemble the appearance of the updated iPhone 5s, but will get a more modern hardware platform. Under the “hood” of the device will be the Apple’s A9 processor, and an NFC chip to support mobile payment system, Apple Pay. Camera the iPhone 6c will leave the same as the iPhone 5s.

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iPhone 6c will be offered at a price of $400 and $500. Its main customers are the customers that want to purchase an iPhone at a more affordable price.

According to Gurman, Apple has decided to move away from the usual cycle of two presentations in the fall of each year. Now the company is going to release new items at the beginning and at the end of the year.

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