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Media: Apple has invited LG to start supplying OLED displays for iPhone 2018

In the quest to diversify supplies and reduce dependence on its main competitor Samsung, Apple suggested LG to start producing OLED displays for iPhone 2018. This publication reports Business Korea.

It is not excluded that LG Display will replace Samsung in the global market of OLED displays for smartphones. The leadership of the South Korean Corporation has expressed interest to offer the Apple and prepared to give an answer in the near future. According to the representative of LG Display, the decision on cooperation with the manufacturer of the iPhone can be taken at a meeting of the Board of the company in June.

Now LG specializiruetsya matrices for TVs and smart watches. In the manufacture of screens for smartphones the company has little experience. LG needs time to decide whether she will be able to mass-produce the relevant panels.

The world market leader for OLED screens is Samsung Display. According to estimates of IHS, Markit, in 2016, the company controlled 96.7% of market OLED screens with a diagonal less than 9 inches. However, South Korean experts believe that LG Display is able to change the balance of power.

“LG Display gradually ramping up volume production of flexible OLED panels. Likely, the company will be able to compete in the market in the second quarter of 2018, when it will launch a new production line E6”, – said an analyst at Samsung Securities Jung Jung-Hoon.

Cooperation with LG will help Apple to diversify the supply of OLED displays for its future products and to reduce its dependence on Samsung, which almost completely controls the market . In turn, LG will increase profits and increase their competitiveness.

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According to reports, this year Apple will release one iPhone model with an OLED screen in the next two or three.

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