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Media: 1000 Apple working on augmented reality for iPhone 8

More than 1,000 engineers in Israel working on augmented reality technology, which should be a new Apple product and likely to be part of the new generation of smartphones iPhone. Reported by Business Insider, citing Swiss Bank UBS analyst Steven Milunović.

Apple has consistently advocated the development of augmented reality (AR), considering it to be much more promising virtual reality (VR). While recent rumors have indicated that Apple intends to debut on the market with its own augmented reality glasses. However, the UBS experts talking about a more practical and cautious approach kupertinovtsy.

As told by sources familiar with the development of iPhone 8, Apple is working on a major project in Israel in the field of augmented reality, on the implementation which employs more than 1,000 engineers. This information goes well with the acquisition of the Californian giant startups PrimeSense and RealFace working in augmented reality.

Experts explain the interest of Apple to the AR more social orientation compared to VR and the lack of need for a separate helmet. Earlier, CEO Tim cook noted that VR often isolates people and makes them immune to the real world.

In addition, unlike virtual reality, which require large resources to developing and marketing a new product, projects, augmented reality can be implemented by writing program code or improvement of camera sensors.

UBS believe that the first of the Apple projects in this area will be implemented already in the iPhone 8 (iPhone X, other data). However, while they are understood only map 3D tools and maybe tools to create software for the AR.

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