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Mechanical Bluetooth keyboard Lofree displays a set of text on the Mac to new level

If the design and aesthetics of the 21st century makes you feel bad and want something new and original, keyboard from the company Lofree for you. This solution combines elements of the past with contemporary advances and innovation. The device is positioned as a first mechanical keyboard, the design of which is inspired by typewriters and elegant look at the past.

What is unique Lofree? First of all, it’s a mechanical keyboard. The keys felt and sounded like the typesetter keys in a typewriter, you do not have to worry about them getting stuck.

Secondly, wireless keyboard and is designed for Apple computers so you do not have to relearn typing only because you want to go back a few decades ago. Add backlit keys, the original form of buttons, several colors, and you get a keyboard, which has no analogues on the market.

Lofree allows you to work simultaneously with three devices, easily switch between them by pressing. The keyboard supports three levels of backlighting and works offline for up to 15 months without the use of lighting and up to 30 days at 100% brightness.

Fundraising on the issue Lofree is on the website Indiegogo. At the time of writing of the post, the team has raised over $275 000 instead of the required $10 000. The first buyers will be able to purchase the keyboard for $75. Sale of the accessory will begin in July at a price of $99.

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