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Maybe if the CIA can hack your iPhone? What you need to know about the second part of “hacker archive” WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks has shared classified information about how the CIA hacked the device Apple — iPhone and Mac — using their tools and malicious programs. As US intelligence tied to the TV series “Doctor Who” that Apple said after a preliminary evaluation of the data and whether it is possible to infect modern iPhone summarized in the material Gazeta.

Yesterday Julian Assange, WikiLeaks published the second part of the documents from the Vault 7, revealing the secrets of the CIA about his “hacking” tools and techniques. The data collector has been called Dark Matter, and it is dedicated to the hacking of Apple devices, especially Mac computers and iPhone smartphones.

The document States that the CIA used several tools to “gain a foothold” inside Apple devices, including “opportunities for EFI/UEFI and utilities aimed at hacking the firmware”.

EFI/UEFI – Mac, analogous to the BIOS for Windows, which is under attack, the infected will occur at the level of the embedded software, which means that the gadget will remain infected even after reinstalling operating system.

The CIA, too, love the series

Most of the data provided by WikiLeaks, was released over seven years ago, which automatically makes them obsolete, whereas the number of new Apple devices. However, according to the documents, the CIA did a great job, trying to find weaknesses in the protection of iPhone and Mac.

One of the instruments received the name Sonic Screwdriver. He was used to infect the Mac via USB or Thunderbolt port, but it required physical contact with the device.

Interestingly, this is not the first time in documents of the CIA slips a reference to the British TV series “Doctor Who”, in which the protagonist used a supersonic screwdriver to act on different mechanisms.

In the first part of the document there was a mention of a tool called Weeping Angel, which the Samsung TVs were turning into hidden microphones. In Doctor Who there is a race of monsters with the same name, which freeze and pretend to be stone statues, if you look at them.

The CIA tested “screwdriver” on the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air since late 2011 and mid-2012. Other programs to hack the Mac was called DarkSeaSkies and DerStarke; they are installed directly inside the firmware, which was impossible to detect by traditional methods.

Apple denied any contact with WikiLeaks. In addition, the company said that all modern products of the company are not subject to the attacks described in the CIA documents.

“We have undertaken a preliminary assessment of the data provided by WikiLeaks. Based on our analysis, the estimated vulnerability of the iPhone was only a 3G iPhone and was fixed in 2009 with the release of the iPhone 3GS. Furthermore, vulnerabilities in our computers, too, was fixed in all Mac released after 2013”, — said the representative of Apple.

The company said that WikiLeaks did not go with her. “We asked you to share with us any information via our standard communication channels. So far we have not received any information from them, except those which are in the public domain. We are day and night striving to ensure the safety of our users,” — says the official letter to the company.

Secrets in exchange for conditions

The first part of the CIA documents were published on 7 March, under the code name Year Zero. There came 8761 document from the isolated protected network located inside the center for cierraspice in the headquarters of the CIA in Langley.

The public was disturbed by the news that the intelligence Agency specifically finds vulnerabilities in gadgets and devices to install their viruses and exploits. The documents appear Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung, whose technology allegedly suffered from cyber-attacks, the CIA.

Former NSA employee Edward Snowden in his Twitter indicated a high probability that the documents are genuine, as all the names of programs and offices are real, and the information comes from an obvious insider.

Shortly after the publication Year Zero website WikiLeaks has said it is ready to share information about vulnerabilities with major IT companies so they began work on their elimination as soon as possible. Nevertheless, the media became aware of the fact that Julian Assange two weeks later and has not been in contact.

Later it was reported that WikiLeaks still contacted Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung, inviting them to secret data with the condition to close all discovered vulnerabilities within three months.

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