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May be the iPhone 8 with a screen “edge to edge” and no Home button

It is expected that this year Apple will release the iPhone 8, which has attracted considerable interest not only fans of the brand, because for the first time in a few years it will be radically updated smartphone. Graphic designer under the name Moe Slah has demonstrated his vision of the new flagship of Apple, the official announcement which will take place this fall.

The designer, presumably, drew attention to the rumors according to which Apple is not too happy with the capabilities of LCD displays, so here we have used OLED display with a diagonal of 5.8 inches. Experts believe that the next-generation iPhone will offer users a frameless design.

In their work, the Moe Slah decided to do without the frames and stretched the smartphone’s screen almost the entire front panel. Get the device without a physical Home button, but with the additional interface features of a conceptual iOS 11.

According to the originator of the concept, Apple will abandon the home button of the smartphone and integrates a fingerprint scanner in the bottom of the front panel. With this iPhone 8 will retain the ergonomics of the current models due to the fact that the body of the gadget will remain in the same size, despite the larger screen.

iPhone 7 (left) and concept 8 (right)

Completes the design of the new iPhone updated the operating system with an easier design of the home screen, lock screen and control center.

New iPhone concept looks very interesting, but, of course, does not claim to authenticity. And Apple’s design chief will likely have their own ideas about the design.

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In any case, the presentation of the iPhone 8 is not expected before September.

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