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Maria Zakharova ridiculed the ban of the British authorities to wear the Apple Watch because of the “Russian hackers”

The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova said the ban for the Ministers of the United Kingdom to wear the Apple Watch because of the threat of Russian hackers. Previously, this ban was reported by British The Telegraph.

“What’s there “Apple”. It is strange that the “daily Telegraph” knows: the best of “Russian secret agents” crack Breguet”, – Zakharov wrote on his page in Facebook.

On Monday it became known that the Ministers of great Britain were forbidden to wear the Apple Watch for fear that they may be hacked by Russian spies. According to The Telegraph, several Ministers in the government of David Cameron, including justice Minister Michael Gove, used Apple. However, the new Prime Minister Theresa may has decided to ban the wearing of them. The reason for this was fears that they could be used as listening devices.

“The Russians are trying to crack,” said a source.

The publication notes that this news came amid reports about the actions of Russian hackers in Western countries. In particular, they were accused of obtaining confidential letters of the national Democratic Congress regarding the US elections and stealing the medical records of athletes from the WADA database.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied these accusations. As noted by Reuters, the hackers and suspects in the organization of hacker attacks, the United States has imposed punitive measures, including sanctions. As told in an interview with the Agency, a senior U.S. official, the White house is considering other retaliatory measures against Russia, but what, he did not elaborate.

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