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Many Mac users no longer run the program due to an expired Apple certificate

Last weekend the owners of Mac computers are faced with a problem in the working of installed programs. When you try to run applications they began to receive messages that cannot be opened.

The problem is programs that are not installed through the official Mac App store and is associated with the identification system software in the operating system of Apple. While trying to run application on the Mac shows an error “App failed to connect. Please quit and start it again”. Repeated attempts to run the application leads to the same result.

As found by MacRumors, recently Apple updated signing policy applications in the Mac App Store. In the operating system macOS Sierra all programs that run users are tested for the presence of current certificate. It concerns and downloaded from third-party sites, like 1Password, site collector, TidBits or PDFPen.

Because the software on Mac you can install without Mac App Store, many developers have not had time to implement the updated certificates. The expiration date is the last just ended. To resolve the problem, users have to install a new version of the software.

The developer certificate is required for approval of the authentication. Before the expired certificate does not affect the operability of the already loaded program. Now, the developers have to update their apps could continue to use.

Note that in November 2015, Mac owners are having similar situation. Then, the user received a message stating that the software is corrupted and cannot be opened. Then the cause was a glitch in the Apple servers.

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In may 2014, there was a similar problem. When trying to update the software on the computers via the Mac App store shows an error “could Not complete the operation. (NSURLErrorDomain error – 1012) or a message that you cannot connect to the server Then a failure has been associated with the expired certificate.

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