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Many Apple fans can’t differentiate iOS from Android [video]

Despite the convincing Apple that iOS is a key aspect of gadgets under the brand name of the company, for many it means absolutely nothing. Some have no clue, looks like the “Apple” platform and how it differs from competing solutions.

British comedians from the project Dit Is Normaal decided to see how their compatriots versed in Apple smartphones. To do this they with the crew and a clone of the iPhone 6 went on the street to take a mini-interviews with passers-by.

They gave them Chinese Android smartphone, saying it’s an iPhone 6 with a new operating system, iOS 9, and asked them about their impressions. As expected, the reaction of many citizens was quite amusing. Respondents noted a faster interface, smooth operation. Intrigued people not only did not notice that it was a fake, but also found the advantages of the new OS. Many said that the new operating system Apple is better than Android.

While on the start screen clone is branded search bar Android, which can never be on the iPhone, this does not bother users. One of the respondents who identified himself as a fan of Samsung, also didn’t recognize the trick and acknowledged that “iOS 9” looks better than Android, but added that no matter what, will continue to use their gadget.

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