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Manufacturers of Swiss watches not compete with Apple Watch

Leading players in the market of watches, such as TAG Heuer, Montblanc and rolex, one after another announced their own “smart” model that combines mechanics and digital technology. Among the characteristics of their smart watches connect to smartphones, Internet access, built-in flash, USB charging, heart rate sensor reduction and other functions.

Sales of Swiss watches dropped for the second year in a row. Primarily because the young people growing up in the era of high-tech, not used to wearing this accessory. But there are unexpected factors. In particular, in the Federation of the Swiss watch industry believe that the role played by the large-scale campaign to combat bribery in China – the leader on import.

Canalys analyst Jason Lowe at all raises the question rigidly: the survival of traditional watch manufacturers depends on how quickly they react to changes.

“Some companies produce a standard watch with a number of additional functions, – said the expert. But this is not enough. You need to understand that smart watches are the future. They are here to stay”.

Ramon llamas, an analyst at consulting company IDC, believes that the emergence of the traditional players in the market, which is dominated by Apple products, will give impetus to its development. After all, in parallel with the drop in sales of Swiss watches has stalled and the market is their smart counterparts.

Alex Tarkov, the senior consultant J’son & Partners Consulting believes that smart watches and traditional, especially in the case of luxury brands, not competitors to each other.

“The difference in cost of smart watches manufacturers of electronics and Swiss watch manufacturers at the moment is too big, and we can say that these products simply have different customers – leads Metro word expert. – The release of smart watches Swiss brands, in our view, are probably an attempt to diversify its product range, offering buyers who prefer to wear luxury watches, the ability to use a Smart Watch”

According to Svyaznoy, in 2016 Russia had sold 270,000 units of wearable electronics. Every fourth gadget (roughly 67.5 thousand) – this smart watch. The most popular manufacturer – Apple. The annual growth was 11%. The average cost increased from 18 700 rubles 24 to 100 due expensive models.

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