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Manufacturers of Android smartphones faced a shortage of key components due to the release of the iPhone 8

Smartphone manufacturers have faced a shortage of components due to the preparation for the release of the iPhone 8. It is reported by the Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes, citing informed sources.

In recent years, the Chinese manufacturers can’t build up stocks of components at the stage of preparation for the launch of new products. Inventory levels in the channel continues to decline in connection with the adjustment, which lasts for two quarters.

In the second half of 2017, will release a new generation of smartphones iPhone. Manufacturers following Apple gives your device dual cameras, batteries, high-capacity and large amounts of RAM. The production of these key components is still small, but orders from the Apple grow, which creates the deficit.

Uncertainty exists around the OLED displays. Because of the transition of the new iPhone jubilee 8 on new display technologies and panels for organic light emitting diode is not enough for all producers in the second half.

All the iPhone 8 will be equipped with OLED displays. A supplier of such screens will be the company Samsung Display. Experts note that Samsung Display can produce up to 100 million of curved displays for the year. This South Korean company is not physically able to accept the order from anyone else.

In addition, the start of mass production of iPhone creates a shortage of the fingerprint scanners, enclosures and components of the display, reported in the publication.

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