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Manufacturers of Android smartphones are not enough OLED displays for iPhone 8

Manufacturers of Android devices may not be enough AMOLED displays for their own products because of the iPhone 8. Writes about this branch of the Taiwan resource DigiTimes.

According to sources, in 2017, Huawei will only receive 8% of the issued in the world of AMOLED screens. The largest manufacturer of these panels, Samsung Display will supply Apple and Samsung about 70% of the displays for organic light emitting diode in 2017-2018, which significantly limits the orders of other Android manufacturers.

It is reported that by the end of this year, Samsung Display will supply the American computer electronics giant about 75 million AMOLED displays that will correspond to 14% in issue volume of these products on a global scale. The share of Samsung Electronics will be 56% through direct ownership of the company Samsung Display.

The share of companies Oppo and Vivo have respectively 13% and 10% of the global supply of AMOLED screens this year. Oppo and Vivo have already signed with Samsung Display agreement guaranteeing companies from China, the ordered amount displays.

Other producers are not able to supply AMOLED displays for smartphones in large volumes. LG Display plans to begin serial supplies of such products only in 2018, while China’s BOE Technology even later — not earlier than 2020.

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