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Manufacturer of smart hours Pebble reduces staff by 25% after reducing the price of the Apple Watch

One of the first manufacturers of Pebble smart watch announced the reduction of staff by 25%. The company announced this after it became known about reduction in the cost of “smart” clock Apple Watch.

Pebble plans to lay off about 40 people. CEO Eric Migicovsky stated that the Pebble so I decided to save the project investment. According to him, now “quite difficult” to find an investor in California. However, the Pebble managed to raise $26 million in addition to money earned on Kickstarter. To disclose the names of investors in Pebble, not steel.

“Of course, we will be cautious when planning new products this year. We got the money, it is very difficult in our days,” – said Migicovsky.

According to him, over the past eight months, the Pebble has attracted from investors, about $26 million In February of 2015, the company gathered on the site Kickstarter about $20 million in the campaign for the production of Pebble Time.

Since its inception, Pebble relied on the fan community and developers who are willing to invest money in the creation of new smart watches. At first, the Pebble Kickstarter campaign raised over $10 million.

However, after entering the market of smart hours Apple and other companies like Pebble, it became more difficult to sell their gadgets. In addition, the company from Cupertino announced the reduction price of the Apple Watch for $50. Now the base model is $299.

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