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Manufacturer of electric SixtyEight Research may be another fake Apple

Rumors that Apple is developing its own car, go for a long time. But recently the data gets bigger. So, the media became aware that a California company SixtyEight Research interested in the production of cars, can stand on her own Apple.

Some probable copycats of Tesla Motors in the face of Future Faraday also may be suspected of having links with Apple, which is getting worse manages to hide its own interest in the topic of electric vehicles. However, now Chinese automakers are actively luring specialists and buy new technologies, so that behind such beginners can stand and Chinese investors.

Links with suspected Apple the Californian company SixtyEight Research. This small company, whose headquarters is located near one of offices Apple was going to attend an industry conference EuroCarbody 2015, along with auto component manufacturers. The event brings together companies specializing in creating car bodies. If SixtyEight Research independently represents the interests of Apple, then this may indicate the desire of the Corporation to find partners for the production of body parts for your future electric car. Modern cars have a complicated superstructure of the bodywork, combining different materials and involve a large amount of computer simulation, therefore, to try their hand in this segment, with attention to the international experience.

Last week it was reported that the Faraday Future may be a shell company created by Apple in order to hide from the public the fact of developing your own car. This is quite reasonable, given that numerous information leaks have already allowed the leadership of Tesla publicly suggest that Apple is in the development of the car.

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Apple has been actively hiring experts connected with the automotive industry. It is known that the state recently joined the company as a software engineer by Ronan O Braonain with experience in the field of fleet management and digital license plates for automobiles. Previously, he was Director of development at Reviver, technical Director of Vision Fleet, and for five years held the post of software engineer in BMW.

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