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Manufacturer of covers has unveiled the 4-inch iPhone 5se

Apple has already started mass production of a new 4-inch smartphone iPhone 5se. Yesterday sources told the Nikkei, noting that the device will target emerging markets and will expand the influence of American manufacturer in the segment of more affordable devices.

Sources claim that the new model is comparable in size with the iPhone 5s, and its performance is comparable to the flagship line of smartphones iPhone 6s. Meantime, insiders argue about the design of the new 4-inch gadget, manufacturer of accessories Rearth has published the final render of the iPhone 5se. While it is impossible to claim that the image is genuine, but often exactly what happens.

In the picture you can see that the design of the iPhone 5se virtually indistinguishable from the iPhone 6s. Of course, with a discount on the more compact dimensions of the device. The question is, does Rearth something about the real design innovations or this renderer is built solely on walking on the network rumors about the appearance a 4-inch smartphone.

Using iPhone 5se in Cupertino hope to strengthen the company’s position in the smartphone market average and will compete with Android smartphones made by different manufacturers. Which is especially important on the background of declining demand for top solutions and the increasing interest of users to the more affordable models.

According to some sources, the official presentation of iPhone 5se will be held on 14 March 2016. In addition to the 4-inch Apple smartphone at the event can show off a new iPad Air 3 with 4 GB RAM, LED flash, 4K display and four speakers, as well as new models of smart hours Apple Watch.

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