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Manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles has withdrawn a lawsuit against Apple over illegal poaching specialists

The company A123 Systems, which manufactures batteries for electric cars, withdrew from the court its lawsuit against Apple, The Wall Street Journal writes. The waiver of claims transferred to the Federal court of Massachusetts a representative of the company.

In February of this year, the manufacturer of lithium ion batteries has filed a lawsuit against Apple because of the company’s personnel policy. It was argued that California giant entices leading engineers who took the iPhone developer to create a unit for the production of batteries for electric vehicles. The information contained in the claim, can be considered a confirmation that Apple plans to create and release your own car.

It is known that Apple is hunting for specialists with profound knowledge in the field of design of automotive systems, including working in Tesla (according to some open sources, Apple is already working more than 60 former Tesla employees). In addition, the company from Cupertino communicates with industry experts and automakers, hoping to retrieve the information needed to create your own car.

In June 2014, Apple began Spud specialists A123 Systems employed in the most important projects. As a result they succumbed to the suggestions of Cupertino, violating labor contract. Allegedly, the engineers were of such calibre that their care effectively put an end to further developments.

Simultaneously A123 Systems has filed a lawsuit against five of his former employees, accusing one of them of collaborating with Apple. In addition to these five, at least six specialists A123 Systems went to work at Apple.

According to A123, Apple has also spawned the development of batteries from other companies, including LG Chem, Samsung SDI, Panasonic, Toshiba and Johnson Controls.

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On what terms A123 Systems has relinquished the claim to Apple, not reported.

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