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Manufacturer Imagination Technologies GPU promised future iPhone console level graphics

Developer of graphics chips for iOS devices – the company Imagination Technologies – has introduced a new high-performance GPU based on the PowerVR architecture Furian. According to the company, the GPU has unsurpassed capacity and is designed for modern mobile microprocessors with integrated graphics.

Architecture PowerVR Furian provides performance gain of up to 70-90% in games, including acceleration Shader by 35% and increase the speed of filling of pixels (fillrate) by 80% compared to the graphics of the series Series7XT Plus based on the PowerVR Rogue architecture.

At the same time increasing performance PowerVR Furian less stress on the battery of the device, allowing to extend the battery life of gadgets.

In Imagination said that the chips based on PowerVR Furian support graphics in 4K resolution, that can be the base for future iPhone models that support graphically intensive tasks, including augmented and virtual reality, and machine learning.

The first GPU based on the PowerVR Furian, in particular Series8XT will be announced in mid-2017. To expect that it will find application in iPhone 8, sorry, don’t have: Imagination on the application, mobile devices with this chip will be released until the end of 2018.

Previously on the website Imagination Technologies has reported that Apple has extended a license agreement for the use of its developments in the field of graphics processors. In other words, the new processors based on PowerVR Furian with a high probability will be used in future iOS devices.

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